Iceland. Home to gorgeous glaciers, spouting geysers, vibrant volcanos and raging rivers, Iceland boasts one of the world's cleanest, purest ecosystems, which is now right at your fingertips.
Iceland is also home to the famous Bláfjöll Ranges; the secret behind every precious GlacierFire product. For more than 5000 years, these glaciers have provided abundant waters to its every visitor, shielded by an impenetrable barrier of lava. The spring is continuously replenished by rain, snow and melted ice from the mighty mountains that pepper the area.


Pure Icelandic Glacial Water filtered by the Belly of the Volcano!

Savor the flavor of Iceland

Not all water is served the same. Every sip of GlacierFire is the definition of Heaven on Earth, connecting you the purity Iceland anywhere, any time.

Water your body would naturally choose

Low in minerals, pure, crisp and alkaline. Redefine your health with the right minerals, for the right reasons.

Pushing boundaries of Water Science

Our water is slowly and naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rock, producing a naturally delicious glacial water with nothing added, removed or touched. Just the way Mother Nature intended.

The GlacierFire Brand

Every product we create, is specially crafted to perfection, from taste, design, history to the highest quality ingredients.

Epically Bottled

A manufacturing journey like no other to create the finest batch of beverages ever made! Epically bottled under Northern Lights


Clean & Crisp, Fiery & Safe. Our bottles are fiery as a volcano and yet BPA Free so safe to drink.


Our spring is naturally replenished. We use less 0.05% of its water and it is quickly replenished by nature.

Contamination Free

Filled in modern licensed facilities. The first time this water sees air is when you open its seal.

Inspired & Family owned

We are set amidst volcanoes, glaciers, springs and nature. The product we create is a reflection of our beautiful country.

Secret to our great taste

The water used in each one of our beverages is sourced from a Glacier, whether that is Langjökull or Bláfjöll Glacial ranges.