A glimpse into our world

We are an artisanal beverage company with a passion for quenching the worlds’ thirst…the pure way. We rely on the cleanest glacial spring water mother nature has to offer, giving the world something equal to drinking fresh droplets from melting glaciers. From the belly of the great volcano to the people of the world, we couldn’t be prouder to be changing the way the world enjoys water and drinks. Nothing added, nothing removed. Pure. Raw. Authentic. GlacierFire.
GlacierFire is a revolutionary startup venture, born from the minds of three passionate entrepreneurs: Arnar, Priyesh and Snehal. Through joining their forces of strength, these three musketeers managed to single-handedly craft the name on everyone’s lips: GlacierFire.

Arnar Loftsson

H aving grown up in the picture-perfect land of Iceland, Arnar has always dreamt of sharing the potential of his homeland with the rest of mankind. Arnar is a driven entrepreneur, with extensive experience in the beverage industry. He works to live, and lives to work, venturing forth with unbroken determination in his heart, mind and spirit. Our operations in Reykjavik are his top priority, and the entrepreneur has played an indispensable role in identifying key strategic partners, blissful water locations and valuable distribution networks. Arnar is one of the reasons GlacierFire is the reality it is today.

Priyesh Patel

Everything Priyesh touches turns to gold. This seasoned entrepreneur has had a passion for technology startups for as long as he can remember, and a specialization in creativity. Priyesh is a dreamer and go-getter, refusing to let anything stand in the way of his unbridled artistic vision. In fact, when an idea enters his mind, he locks himself away in a cupboard to contain his ideas and let them brew. Priyesh has numerous ventures enjoying a turnover of over $30 million in just three short years. He is a published author and as an inventor, owner of over 25 patents .
Priyesh spent 6 months meticulously working with the team to develop the excquisite range of award winning products and recipes.


2015: Inception

The game-changing idea for glacial water was born, and the work was set into motion. We begin researching techniques and processes to give the world the natural water their bodies crave.

2016: Business Plan

Our founding team gathered around a table, letting the designs and launch plans begin. Strategic partners were identified, marketing surveying was ignited, and a dream started to hatch.

2017: Launch

Our two founders joined hands, finally launching GlacierFire in Reykjavik, Iceland. This modest, humble startup is spiraling upwards and beyond in record time.

2018: Production

Next, comes sample testing, pitches to wholesalers and distributors and the biggest mission yet: to send GlacierFire soaring from mind to reality to store shelves worldwide.

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