Volcania Lemonade


Infused and crafted in our small family owned facility located in Steðji farmstead in the historical upper Borgarfjörður region.

This Lemonade is made from in small batches through a meticulously formulated recipe that carries through all flavours of our natural high quality lemons, all sustainably sourced raw materials. With Stevia, this drink is sugar free and perfect for a healthy lifestyle.

The Icelandic glacial water used to make our Lemonade is sourced from water that comes from the Langjökull glacier, the secret behind every precious GlacierFire product. For more than 5000 years, this spring has provided abundance to its every visitor, filtered by an impenetrable barrier of lava. The spring is continuously replenished by rain, snow and melted ice from the mighty icebergs that pepper the area.

The resulting lightly carbonated drink is the finest batch of progressive Lemonade ever made, epically produced under the Northern Lights.


Ultra smooth, yet conceals a tantalizing hint of fire to allure even the most refined palate. It exemplifies the ultimate combination of exceptional ingredients presented in an exquisitely designed decanter. An extraordinary culinary complement.


Unrivaled quality and consistently exceptional taste. Crafted from the finest non-genetically modified Lemon then blended with the finest Glacial water, complemented with a hint of high quality ingredients.


Made to perfection, with a clean crisp, authentic Lemonade taste. Unadulterated. Health living.

All Natural Ingredients

Distilled with our proprietary blend of ingredients, perfected with GlacierFire Glacial Spring Water. Starts with a tantalizing hint of fire, and leaves a lasting impression of pure smooth luxury.

Epically Bottled & Certified

Icelandic water from springs originated from the Bláfjöll ranges, collected and processed in state-of-the-art processing facilities to create this special product in the distillery.


Volcania Lemonade

Lemonade is one of the oldest and most widely consumed soft drink in the world, right behind popular drinks like beer, water and tea. Our Lemonade is volcanically brewed from organic lemons and Icelandic water in a microbrewery to create a work of art.

Contains Significant amounts of Carbonated Water, No added sugar, Stevia, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid).
Typical Values Per Serving
TOTAL CALORIES 3 kcal / 13 Kj
Total Fat (G)0
     - Saturates (G)0
     - Trans Fat (G)0
Proteins (G) 0
Salt (G) 0.03