Premium Glacial Water


Iceland is also home to the famous Bláfjöll Ranges; the secret behind every precious GlacierFire product. For more than 5000 years, these glaciers have provided abundant waters to its every visitor, shielded by an impenetrable barrier of lava.
The spring is continuously replenished by rain, show and melted ice from the mighty mountains that pepper the area.

These waters come from the numerous glaciers in the south west of Iceland, especially the famous, Eyjafjallajökull, which is known for its eruption in 2010 that caused total aviation disruption in Europe.


With the lowest total dissolved solids of any other premier drinking water brand, Glacierfire is water made just the way mother nature intended it to be.


Free of poisonous substances that are known to be harmful. GlacierFire is made from good grade plastics.

High Alkalinity and Healthy pH Balance

Glacierfire has an alkaline pH level of 8.88 which is naturally occurring. This ensures vitality to your body and mind without any acidic effects.

Pollution Free Glacial Water

The water originates from the glaciers of the high central Bláfjöll and Geitafell mountains of Iceland. The water makes its way down in springs towards Reykjavik, refined, naturally filtered by Lava fields and free of pollution.

Virgin Water

Bottled at source, the first time the water comes in contact with Air is when you open the seal.

Epically Bottled & Certified

Reykjavik water from Bláfjöll ranges, collected and processed in state-of-the-art processing facilities to create this special product in 750ml.



T he innovative thermochromic label on our bottles changes color when cooled to 3.5 Degrees Celsius. Indulge in water in its purest form; as raw as droplets from a melting glacier.


The Purity

Icelandic glacial water flows into the ocean at the astounding rate of 100's of billions of liters per year. Icelandic water is naturally filtered by ancient lava fields.
The purest, most natural water known to man, frozen in time 5,000 years ago, before the existence of man made pollution, away from the industrialized world.
Icelandic water requires no treatment like extensive reverse osmosis, ozonation, filtration and cleansing. It has a very low amount of total dissolved solids.

Iceland, on the edge of the world, is environmentally flawless. Its glacial water is clean, unspoiled and one of the purest of all naturally occurring water sources.

Calcium 4.5 mg/L
Magnesium 0.92 mg/L
Sodium 11.5 mg/L
Sulfates 5 mg/L
Potassium 0.5 mg/L
Chlorides 10.9 mg/L
Nitrates < 0.1 mg/L
Fluorides 0 mg/L
Iron 0.03 mg/L
TDS Total Dissolved solids is 48 mg/L.